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Exciting STEM Activities
Students will experience exciting STEM activities throughout the program.

Rocket Science

KidsKode Adventure Club will generate excitement and encourage a passion for innovation that will open up a world of new possibilities! The STEAMbuilding curriculum features five energetic and fun-filled activity stations that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math activities, which will empower our young creative thinkers and further inspire them to innovate and solve problems!

Our activities will include a variety of designs and challenges to help kids explore the power of teamwork, innovation and creativity. In our Rocket Science program, students will design, build, and fly their very own model rocket in the course of the the 5-week session. This introduction to the exciting world of rocketry explains the world of rockets and aeroscience through simple lessons in Newtonian physics and rocket flight. Students learn the laws of rocket stability, fluid dynamics, and aerodynamics. They study stable rocket flight designs and ultimately design their own flight vehicle. Best of all, they actually build and launch each vehicle throughout the course — we will capture each rocket launch on video so the student can show family and friends what they learned. Since each student will design and build their very own rocket, they will be able to take their rocket home with them at the end of the session. This project may be their first step to the stars!

How many people have been to the Moon?

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