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Navigating Neptune with OzoBot

KidsKode Adventure Club will generate excitement and encourage a passion for innovation that will open up a world of new possibilities! The STEAMbuilding curriculum features five energetic and fun-filled activity stations that incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Math activities, which will empower our young creative thinkers and further inspire them to innovate and solve problems!

Our activities will include a variety of designs and challenges to help kids explore the power of teamwork, innovation and creativity. In our OzoBot classes, students will use color codes to create a flight path for the mission to Neptune and get ready for the 3D Maze Challenge. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach Neptune by completing drawing and coding challenges. Ozobot is a small and smart line following robot. The Ozobot 1.0, Ozobot Bit and the new Ozobot Evo use precise movement and sensors to follow and react to colors on a page or screen. This simple form of communication and programming allow children of all ages to create and send Ozobot through an endless array of mazes, maps, and racetracks.